This year we welcomed six new extraordinary members to our team as NuVu's Studio learning model expands across our growing network. Every new member harnesses their unique experiences to cultivate innovation and creativity through NuVu Studio-based teaching and programming.

Joselyn McDonnold

Program Designer
(Durham, NC)

Joselyn is a creative technologist, designer, and educator. She has experience leading projects in a variety of settings, including founding Blink Blink, a circuit-kit startup that fostered electronics exploration for girls. Additionally, she has designed installations at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, developed methods for manufacturing sculptures with industrial robots, built a web platform that connects Native American students to mentors from their respective communities, and researched strategies for undermining facial recognition surveillance. In her free time, Joselyn plays tennis, hikes with her dog Juneau, and works on her nail art skills.

Sumanth Mysore Krishna

Woodstock Union High Fellow (Woodstock, VT)

Sumanth is a multidisciplinary designer and educator. His work intersects architecture and digital media. He recently graduated with a Master's in Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design. He is interested in working with emerging technologies and new forms of representation in architecture. He has previously practiced architecture and fabrication in India and worked on projects in Nepal.​ His research investigates ecologies that exist between technology, material, and labor practices in architecture. He has also volunteered at an education non-profit working with children in shelter homes across India.

Dina Chehab

Lamba Fellow
(Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Dina is an architect, urban designer, researcher, and educator based between Beirut, Lebanon and Paris, France. During her graduate studies, she explored topics such as fragmented cities and collective memory with her thesis publication on fluctuant border-zones in post-conflict Beirut. She was also a teaching assistant and mentor in the Department of Architecture and Design at the American University of Beirut. Dina has worked on international architecture-urban projects before joining NuVu in 2021. In her free time, Dina loves to bake lemon muffins, draw anime, and practice taekwondo.

Andrew Lau

Odyssey STEM Academy Fellow
(Lakewood, CA)

Andrew is a Los Angeles based architectural designer. His interest in design focuses on the interdisciplinary opportunities that can be leveraged between technology, biological sciences, and diasporic cultures to facilitate sustainable and equitable futures. He is an expert in architectural design, risography, and film and holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Cinematic Arts Minor from University of Southern California and a Masters in Integrated Digital Media from New York University.

Justin Bernard

Bostonia Global Fellow
(Cajon Valley, CA)

Justin is a Philadelphia + San Diego based educator, designer, and fabricator who earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Temple University. Justin has participated in a variety of international workshops and exhibits. In 2018, he was invited to the Architectural Association’s Summer Build program in Beaminster, United Kingdom. He participated in Umbau’s screen-printing workshops in Kraków, Poland, in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In 2017, Justin helped lead a design + fabrication studio in collaboration with the James Madison and Temple University Architecture departments.

Ben Johnson

The Elisabeth Morrow School Fellow
(Englewood, NJ)

Ben is an empathetic, energetic, Bay Area native interested in the intersection of biology, design, materials, and technology to engineer systematic solutions. Ben is the connective tissue for people and knowledge. He values collaboration above all else. Ben is extremely curious about emergence -- how local interactions change over time to create complex, macro-level systems with unique behaviors the individual parts do not possess. He seeks to identify pattern languages within multidimensional data to discover unconventional ways to process information.