The Eliot K-8
Innovation School

Creating studio-based courses for Boston Public School students at the K-8 level

The Eliot K-8 Innovation School

Boston, MA, USA

The Eliot is our first Boston Public School partner in the NuVuX network. Serving students in grades K-8, The Eliot is a dynamic and innovative public school that is always striving to push the boundaries of traditional education. This partnership is part of the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning project.


At Eliot, our NuVuX Fellow, Tiandra Ray, works collaboratively with teachers and helps support the makerspace and studio learning across grades K-8. One key area of collaboration is through Eliot's play-based learning initiative, EPIC: Eliot Play. Innovate. Create.

Outcome + Impact

Since January 2020, we have been working with The Eliot to offer innovative programming to students in grades 2-8. Thus far, NuVuX studios have reached close to 200 students, with plans to increase access as the school year progresses.