Supporting design, creativity,
and innovation inside schools
and organizations.

is an initiative developed by NuVu to bring design, creativity and innovation to K-12 schools and organizations around the world. We work with each partner to develop a custom plan of implementation with a goal of lasting impact.

Using NuVu’s design studio pedagogy and process, students explore real world topics in a hands-on studio environment, solving complex challenges using creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

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Explore how we work with partners to create lasting impact inside organizations.

Impact + Global Network

In the last ten years, NuVu has reached over 5,000 students worldwide, energizing a generation of entrepreneurs, designers, makers and inventors. The NuVuX Partner Network consists of schools and organizations spread across three continents that implement NuVuX's studio model. Through the NuVuX Partner Network, we enhance student and school experiences through global connections, shared studio curriculum, expert knowledge, and pedagogical resources.

Studio Spotlight

NuVu’s studio curriculum engages students in multidisciplinary, real-world topics, where they work collaboratively on self-driven projects. Using their creative skills, students come up with ideas and develop projects of interest that impact the lives of others in their community. Each studio is designed around relevant and timely topics that connect a variety fields and disciplines. Working on open-ended problems, students deeply engage in the creative design process, continuously developing their conceptual and technical skills with each iteration of their projects.


A collaboration between students at Karam House and All Saints Academy in Florida, this studio creates a platform for rethinking prosthetics and developing prosthetic responses to the challenges faced by five advisors who have been injured by the war in Syria. Students will meet with our advisors and visit a local prosthetics laboratory in Reyhanli, Turkey.


Soft Robotics are highly flexible, lightweight systems can accomplish tasks and missions that would be unimaginable by their rigid counterparts due to their soft, deformable materials. In this studio, we will conceive and fabricate the next species of soft robots to enhance people’s everyday life using programmable materials, pneumatic actuators, and bioplastics, we will conceive and fabricate the next species of soft robots.


We will always love the monkey bars and slides at parks, but playground structures are beginning to be reimagined to encourage users of different ages and abilities tocustomize their play experiences through exploration. In this studio, students will design structures that can engage the full spectrumof possible users and integrate the thrill of adventure into the everyday.

Devices for

Are you passionate about social activism, want to make change in the world or your community but not sure where to begin? In this studio, students will use the power of graphic design, digital design, and prototyping techniques to create interactive devices, objects and installations about real world issues that they want to impact and create change.


Within the animal kingdom there are many beautiful forms, textures, colors, and ways of moving: from the tiniest sea caterpillars exploding with striking color, to the mighty elephant spraying water with its trunk. Based on the “superpowers” of animals, students will create wearable prototypes using digital tools and fabrication technology.


Imagine animating static, physical objects in the world around you with dynamic digital content - bringing events and stories from the past back to life, and providing a contemporary lens to historical issues. Using augmented reality technologies as a storytelling medium, we will explore ways to reveal or encode messages in the physical environment around us.