Since launching in 2016, NuVuX has become a global leader in creative education, impacting over 13,000 students and 1850 teachers through our design-based practices. We’ve partnered with 43 schools and organizations to implement hands-on studio-based learning, empowering K-12 teachers and students with the skills they need to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

MIT Dissertation

In his Ph.D. dissertation at MIT, NuVu co-founder Saeed Arida asked what would happen if the elements of design studios were adapted to meet the needs of younger students. Out of that dissertation, the first iteration of NuVu was born. During the early years, NuVu served as mainly a trimester experience for students from local schools.

The NuVu Way

The first iteration of NuVu School launches in 2010 in Cambridge, MA, immersing high school students in a design studio environment with creativity, critical thinking and collaboration at the heart of our pedagogy. During the early years, NuVu served mainly as a trimester experience for students from local schools. Currently, the NuVu School serves as a full-time high school graduating about 15 students every year.

NuVuX: Creating Access to Innovative Pedagogy

Schools and educators from around the world visit NuVu as an aspirational model but leave with the same core question: “How can we implement open-ended, creative learning?” We launch NuVuX to solve this challenge, devising our first partnership model which includes program visioning, program design, makerspace design, curricula, and a NuVuX Fellow to support schools on their own path to nurture creative learning.

Launch of New NuVuX Models

We diversify our offering to include four different partnership models for K-12 schools and organizations ranging from an extensive onsite support model to a fully remote support model.

Teachers as Design + Innovation Leaders

Our latest partnership model focuses on building capacity in schools through teachers. We train teachers to run studio-based programs within their schools. These teachers become the design + innovation ambassadors spearheading hands-on learning and innovative practice in their schools.