Change Makers at
The Eliot K-8 Innovation School

Learn about the exciting collaborations at the Eliot School that bridge the gap between disciplines.

School Focused

May 20, 2021


Join NuVuX Fellow, Aaron Laniosz, for an inside look into one of the most impactful NuVu studios.

Ways We Work

May 19, 2021

Junior School Innovation Studios
at Kelvinside Academy

Capturing the long-term vision of the Innovation Studio & its impact on primary school students.

Project Spotlight

May 17, 2021

Island Craft: A Conversation with Amanda O’Keefe, NuVuX Fellow

Join Amanda for an in-depth interview, where she discusses her approach to the Fall 2020 studio, "Island Craft," which draws on concepts from urban design and world building, and challenges students to design part of an imagined island.

Ways We Work

January 1, 2021

Pop Up Participatory

In the midst of a global pandemic, explore how students designed and built devices that explore the significance of community.

Community Impact

January 3, 2021

Virtual Studios with

Explore an experimental studio model designed to overcome distance, language, and time through a cross-continental collaboration.

Ways We Work

January 7, 2021

Applied Physics and
Experimental Design

See how Physics is understood intuitively in this new, exciting course taught by designer, maker, and educator, Molly Mason.

School Focused

January 8, 2021


Take a deep dive into how the inner biological workings of unusual creatures and plants inspire students' development of future robots.

Project Spotlight

January 12, 2021