Our Studios

Each NuVuX Studio is designed around relevant and timely topics that connect a variety of fields and disciplines. There are 30 different studios in the NuHub that address different topics and different age groups. Here is a brief description of 3 of them. All studios come with all resources and activities that a teacher needs to run a successful studio experience with their students. To request a full list of the studios, please contact us through our contact form.

We offer NuVuX Studios at the elementary, middle and high school level.

A. Elementary (K-6)
Discovery Studios run for 8-10 hours
Deep Dive Studios run for 15-20 hours

B. Middle and High (7-12)
Discovery Studios run for 15-20 hours
Deep Dive Studios run for 40 hours.

Deep Seabots

Theme: Civic Engagement
Disciplinary Area: Arts + Music

The nuances and imperfections of a place are often what make it so delightful and engaging. In this studio, students will create non-destructive, temporary installations on a public site to transform spaces through elements of delight, play, wonder, and surprise.

Bioplastics: Waste to Wonder

Theme: Sustainable Infrastructure
Disciplinary Area: Natural Sciences

Plastic is, quite literally, everywhere. Finding new ways to reuse and recycle them and developing biodegradable alternatives are among our biggest and most urgent innovation challenges. In this challenge, you will create your own unique bioplastic material and design a solution to help reduce single-use plastic waste in the future.

AI Collaboration

Theme: Tech & Future Worlds
Disciplinary Area: Engineering + Tech

The past decade has seen a rapid explosion in the development of generative artificial intelligence tools used to instantly produce stunning images, expressive written text, and life-like audio. Together, we will envision the future impact of AI on different facets of life, such as health care, societal roles, and human creativity, as well as the potential conflicts that may arise from these technologies.

Essential Skills for Tomorrow

Our approach is embedded in the design process which trains both educators and students to enhance a number of skills and mindsets, including our most critical HUMAN skills - creativity, critical thinking and innovation.

Creative Mindset
Project Management

Core Skills
Data Analysis
Reading & Media Literacy
Physical Fabrication
Digital Fabrication
Concept Development