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Article by Jiyoo Jye

A Virtual Studio Program

TeachFuture is an educational organization based in China and Vancouver, CA, that connects educational programs abroad with schools across China. In collaboration with TeachFuture, we have developed the Dual-Teacher Virtual Program, in which NuVu provides virtual Coaches who lead studios synchronously with students who are located on-site at their home schools. Simultaneously, teachers from the home school provide classroom management and studio support, and a bilingual online TA from TeachFuture provides studio curriculum support.

Following the successful completion of a pilot program in Summer 2020, two new virtual studios began this Fall at the Shenzhen International Foundation College. NuVu Coaches Chris Perry and Myrna Ayoub, have been spearheading the two semester-long studios, Biomimetic Motion and Delightful Hacking.

Students at SIFC

Shenzhen International Foundation College is the first international school in Shenzhen engaged in international pre-university courses and American high school curriculum. Students at SIFC are enrolled in various project based learning programs offered on campus.
For the NuVu Studios, a group of 11th graders are divided into two cohorts: Biomimetic Motion, a biology inspired mechanical design studio and Delightful Hacking, an urban design interventions studio. The two hours of studio time each week provide an opportunity for students to engage in hands-on learning and explore new ideas through sketches, diagrams, and prototypes.

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Collaboration with On-site Teachers and Virtual Translators

In addition to the NuVu Coaches who lead the studios virtually, on-site teachers Violeta Laura and Elvis Chong have played an essential role in facilitating student engagement and managing classroom dynamics. The online translators, Sissi Lai and Echo Hong address different levels of English proficiency amongst the student group and facilitate the communication and delivery of concepts and terminology taught in the studios. The teaching team meets regularly to review student performance and participation, as well as the progression and pacing of coursework.

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Chris Perry

Chris is a Program Designer at NuVuX and the former Director of Innovation Lab and Design Fellow at the Hillside School in Marlboro, MA. He has a Bachelors in Design from Carnegie Mellon University. Chris has taught several NuVu Studios such as WiFi Toys, Cyborg Enhancements, Nutopian Cars and Battlebotics.

Myrna Ayoub

Myrna is a Lecturer at the University of Southern California, School of Architecture. She has also taught courses at the Boston Architectural College and Wentworth Institute of Technology. She has a Master of Architecture II from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design.

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