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Odyssey STEM Academy launched as a new STEM-based high school in Paramount Unified School District in Fall 2018. Odyssey uses a unique, curricularly-integrated model that allows students to explore a single topic from multiple angles each trimester.


Odyssey STEM Academy strives to be a new model of public high school, with a unique pedagogical approach, curriculum, and schedule. Prior to the school's launch, NuVu assisted in co-designing the school with its founders and continues to help shape the school’s trajectory today. At Odyssey, we work to provide equitable, multidisciplinary studio experiences for all 144 freshman students each trimester.

Outcome + Impact

Now in its third year, NuVu’s studio program at Odyssey is fully integrated within the school’s curriculum, having reached more than 400 students since 2018. All Odyssey freshmen take part in our studio program as one of their four curricularly- integrated courses: ELA, STEM, Math, and Idea Lab. Aaron Laniosz, our NuVuX Fellow at Odyssey, manages and runs studios in the Idea Lab, which range in topic from biomimicry, to human-machine interaction, to human-centered design.


Getting Smart -Odyssey STEM