Bostonia Global  

Supporting topic-focused, project-based learning

Bostonia Global

Cajon Valley Union School District, CA

Bostonia Global is a TK-14 school in El Cajon, California (Cajon Valley Unified School District). Bostonia Global High School, a public charter high school, is starting with 140 students and will grow each year one grade level until it reaches maximum capacity in 2024.

Bostonia Global High School opened its doors to students for the first time this August. A public charter school in Cajon Valley, California, Bostonia Global is the result of several years of community, staff, and student input. Founded with a proposal specifically designed to develop the unique strengths, interests, and values of each student, all elements of student experience were considered.

Outcome + Impact

The NuVuX Bostonia Global fellow interacts with around 40 scholars each trimester, a quarter of which are 10th grade scholars, divided into 2 cohorts. Bostonia Global High School is the first NuVuX partner school that is attempting to implement the NuVu Platform website as a school wide Learning Management System (LMS) This includes hosting advisory, math courses, internships, and assessment on the NuVu Platform.