Launching an Open-Access Education Initiative for Students Across the UK

Dollar Academy

Dollar, Scotland, UK

Dollar Academy is a leading private school in central Scotland, with over 1300 children ages 5-13. Founded in 1818, Dollar is the oldest co-educational boarding school in the world.


Dollar Academy and NuVu are working to co-create an open-access education initiative to bring innovative courses to students across Scotland, and beyond.

Outcome + Impact

Together with Dollar Academy, we designed and launched Dollar Discovers, an initiative offering open-access registration for multidisciplinary courses framed around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The initial two courses, Activist Fashion and Design for Wellbeing, bring together leading figures from industry, NGOs and academia to create exciting content exploring relevant, real-world topics.


Dollar Academy to offer free classes to Scottish pupils

Part of my role as an educator is to prepare pupils for the real world. In my search for ways to do that, I discovered NuVu and it has been a joy to work with them over a number of years to look at new ways to inject curiosity and creativity into education.

Ian Munro

Rector Dollar Academy