Embedding Creativity and Innovation

Participants will experience NuVu’s studio model and design process through a collaborative, hands-on project. With the support of NuVuX Experts, they will learn how to integrate this creative mindset within their classroom, school, or learning environment.

NuVuX Innovation Camp for Educators (NICE) will be held at the NuVu School in Cambridge, MA, June 26-28, 2023.

During NICE, participants will:
- Learn about NuVu’s studio model and our framework of innovation
- Experience hands-on problem solving using the iterative design process
- Collaborate with others to design a project with the support of NuVuX Experts
- Acquire quick prototyping and fabrication skills
- Spark ideas for how NuVu's framework for innovation can be applied in your classroom, - - curriculum, school, or organization
- Connect with others interested in creative education, design, and innovation


Explore how we work with partners to create lasting impact inside their organizations.

The Innovation School
at Kelvinside Academy

In 2017, Kelvinside Academy approached NuVu with three key questions they sought to answer about the future of education:

Where will education be in 2030? How can we sufficiently future-proof our young people? How can we adapt our current curricular model to work to the best advantage of our entire learning community?

Establishing the long-term goal of implementing design studios across the entire Kelvinside student body, the partnership began with a successful summer school in 2017 in an adapted drama studio. Kelvinside worked with NuVu to install a full-time innovation school just two-years later.

In the fall of 2019, The Innovation School opened its doors to a new cohort of 13-18 year old students, and is now offering design studios across the entire school, from 6-18 year olds.

Our partnership with NuVu has had an enormously positive impact on the school. Together, we have created a unique learning environment built around creativity, innovation and enterprise.

Daniel Wyatt

Rector Kelvinside Academy

Future Skills

Does your school provide pupils with the creative and technical skills they need to embrace an unknown future? Do they have the confidence, creativity and resilience they will need to thrive in a rapidly changing jobs market?

Through NuVu’s studios, students explore their spirit of curiosity, creativity, and innovation by engaging in meaningful and relevant real world challenges. Students become confident critical thinkers who have the skills, character, knowledge and design process to impact the world.

The world needs young people who are critical thinkers, collaborators and creators. The Innovation School will provide exactly the right creative environment for our young people to push the boundaries of their curiosity and learn through failure, as much as success.

Catriona Schmolke

Senior Vice President of Jacobs

CPD Training at
The Innovation School

We offer NuVu CPD workshops for schools in the UK, where participants are immersed in NuVu’s studio-based learning model. Teachers and administrators engage with a variety of NuVu studio challenges while learning how to move through a design process of brainstorming, sketching, prototyping, and critical reflection. 

These immersive workshops allow participants to experience the NuVu methodology from the student perspective, as well as having an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the implications of this model from the perspective of educators.

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Dollar Discovers

Together with Dollar Academy, we designed and launched Dollar Discovers, an initiative offering open-access to multidisciplinary courses framed around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The initial two courses, Activist Fashion and Design for Wellbeing, bring together leading figures from industry, NGOs and academia to create exciting content exploring relevant, real-world topics.

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