Providing New Design Education Opportunities at Scotland’s First Innovation School

Kelvinside Academy

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Kelvinside Academy is a 140-year old private school in Glasgow, Scotland, and was the first NuVuX partner in the UK. Kelvinside is now home to Scotland's first Innovation School.


In 2017, Kelvinside Academy approached NuVu with three key questions they sought to collaboratively answer about the future of education: Where will education be in 2030? How can we sufficiently future-proof our young people? How can we adapt our current curricular model to work to the best advantage of our entire learning community?

Outcome + Impact

Establishing the long-term goal of implementing design studios across the entire Kelvinside student body, the partnership began with a successful summer course in 2017 in an adapted drama studio. Kelvinside worked with NuVu to build a full-time Innovation School just two-years later.

In the fall of 2019, The Innovation School opened its doors to a new cohort of 13-18 year old students, and has now expanded to offer design studios across the entire school. Kyle Branchesi, our NuVuX Fellow at Kelvinside, runs studios in The Innovation School across a variety of ages, leading students through topics such as Virtual Reality Worlds, Animated Futures, and Social Robots..


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Sitting alongside, and enhancing, traditional academic subjects, NuVu is developing skills that will help our pupils not only cope with change but thrive in it.

Daniel Wyatt

Rector Kelvinside Academy