The NuVuX Competition and Summer Camp in Scotland has been postponed until summer 2023. Thank you to all of the students, teachers, and schools who expressed enthusiasm and excitement to participate in the program. We are delaying the launch of this program to build further interest in order to share this learning opportunity to the widest number of students across all of Scotland.


NuVuX is launching a competition to find Scotland’s next generations of entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers to participate in our summer school at the UK’s first Innovation School at Kelvinisde Academy.

Thanks to our friends at the Scottish firm Peak Scientific, we are giving away 30 free places for the intensive 8-day summer studio.

Who should Participate?

The competition is open to all state-school pupils above the age of 13 in Scotland. 

The Challenge

Humans exact quite a toll on the environments around us. Our daily lives create greenhouse gasses, fuel pollution, and lead to copious amounts of rubbish.  Unfortunately, not all of that rubbish makes it to landfill or recycling centers. But what if you could help to fix that simply by walking around?

The Environmental Footwear Competition is designed to make you think of how seemingly mundane activities like walking, hiking, and running could be part of the solution to our environmental problems.

We’re challenging you to design a pair of shoes that reduce litter while you walk (or run, hike, climb, etc!).

We want you to have fun with this challenge, come up with playful ideas, and surprise yourself with how creative you can be.

Submit your sketch of a litter-busting footwear idea to be entered in a unique opportunity to participate in a NuVuX summer studio experience.

Submission Deadline

June 17th, 2022

How do I Participate?

For interested students, register your interest using the button below to receive detailed information about the competition, including how to find a teacher advisor and how to submit your competition entry.

If you are a teacher who is interested in running the competition as an in-class activity, please register your interest using the button below as well.

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Competition Winners

The 30 winners will participate in NuVuX Summer Camp from 16-23rd July 2022, with 15 winners attending the camp at Kelvinside Academy and 15 winners attending online.

At NuVuX  pupils will discover a new way of learning and explore their creative side at the summer school which combines design technology and social issues.

The theme of the summer school will be green wearable tech, and pupils will be guided by NuVuX’s team of innovators – made up of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard grads, as well as industry experts – as they design products that will make the world a better place.

Using innovative approaches, materials, and technologies, students will learn how to make wearable technology that measures and improves the environment's health.