From Vision to Reality

Whether you've recently established a maker space and seek tailored curriculum solutions or seek to infuse creativity into your core classes, NuVuX is ready to collaborate with you. We have three different models of integration: 

1. Implement a stand-alone NuVuX course at your school
2. Integrate NuVu curriculum within an existing course
3. Utilize NuVuX curriculum for afterschool or extracurricular programming.

Implement a Stand-Alone NuVuX Course at Your School

Embark on a transformative educational journey by bringing a dedicated NuVu course to your school using an existing scheduled block or creating a new dedicated block for a NuVuX course. We work together to find studios that align with your school’s values and mission.

In the SoundMakers studio, Eliot second-graders study how instruments work, research innovative sound precedents, and then invent and refine their own instruments. This project allows them to use their new makerspace, exploring fabrication techniques, learning about materials and cutting and connecting methods. It also gives them exposure to collaborating with their classmates in creative work, a skill The Eliot is deeply committed to developing.

Our partnership with Escola L’Horitzo (K-12), emphasizes cultivating learning environments rooted in collaboration and creative freedom. Annually, students in grades 7-10 engage in a two-week NuVuX Intensive Studio Experience, dedicating their entire school day to envisioning solutions for real-world issues. This immersive experience involves projects like designing wearable health devices for loved ones facing health challenges.

The Transitopia studio was a natural choice for the Collins Middle School pilot program to undertake: each year, Salem, MA sees extraordinary traffic problems in the month-long lead-up to Halloween. Students used a field study of this traffic as an underpinning for the studio, which had them reenvisioning transport systems and power sources for the future. In two or three 120-minute studio blocks each week, students did a deep dive into collaborative creative solutions for the real-world problem playing out in their community.

Integrate NuVu curriculum within an existing course

Enhance existing coursework by integrating NuVu's dynamic and enriching project-based curriculum. By infusing NuVu's project-based approach into traditional subjects, students can explore real-world applications of their studies, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills across various disciplines.

In fourth grade at CNG, students learn about earth sciences and erosion in their science curriculum. This past year, they decided to integrate NuvuX’s Erosion Expedition studio into this unit, using the project to activate their learning about moving earth. Over the course of 2 weeks, the students researched erosion mitigation systems, modeled newly designed systems on a small scale, and finally worked together to build a full-scale erosion mitigation system on their campus. This activated learning was on full display as they saw in real-time how their designs stood up to Bogota’s seasonal rainfall.

After completing Oak Meadow’s Social Studies unit on Indigenous American cultures, students seamlessly transitioned into NuVu’s "Cultural Architecture" studio, immersing themselves in a project-based learning experience. Collaborating closely with Oak Meadow's educators and staff, NuVuX Experts tailored the studio to align seamlessly with the school’s curriculum. In this innovative setting, students draw inspiration from indigenous architectural traditions to envision and design homes for the future.

NuVuX and Revere High School have joined forces to introduce an innovative course that breaks new ground in education. This collaborative endeavor seamlessly weaves together robotics, physics, and math through a co-teaching model, facilitating 'deeper learning' via hands-on, applied methodologies within an advanced makerspace. In the engaging Deep Sea Bots studio, Revere students leverage interdisciplinary subjects to conceptualize and prototype robots inspired by deep-sea creatures, aiming to combat plastic pollution in local waterways.

Utilize NuVuX curriculum for afterschool or extracurricular programming

Enrich students' extracurricular experiences by offering NuVu-inspired programs beyond the traditional school day (e.g., after-school, weekend, & summer programming). This model allows for flexibility in scheduling, providing students with opportunities to delve into creative, hands-on projects beyond the regular classroom hours, fostering a passion for innovation and design.

Our collaboration with the Karam Foundation centers on equipping a vulnerable population with the tools to empower both themselves and their community. Karam students, aged 13-18, actively participate in a minimum of six 8-week NuVuX studios, honing skills essential for addressing real-world challenges.

Their transformative journey concludes with projects that eloquently narrate their personal stories to the world; showcased through innovative mediums such as karagöz puppetry, students visually represented diverse facets of their complex identities, and presented their work at film festival. Beyond personal narratives, other studio themes are tailored to uplift and improve their marginalized community.

LAMBA embraces NuVuX studios as a cornerstone of their afterschool STEAM and studio-focused educational program, extending learning beyond conventional school hours. Guided by a student-centered philosophy, LAMBA's program offers multi-year pathways for students to cultivate creativity and acquire proficiencies in emerging technologies, applied design, innovation, and entrepreneurship, shaping them into adept, forward-thinking individuals.

AGBU is a non-profit organization running weekend and after-school NuVuX studio programming for middle and high school participants throughout the year. This past fall, a cohort of students who had taken several studios before undertook the advanced Collaborative Futures AI studio, in which they created a speculative film in collaboration with cutting-edge AI tools.


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NuFolio is our visual platform that puts learning and student work in the spotlight. It contains NuVuX Studios and educator resources and helps manage students’ learning through a studio-based model. With NuFolio, students and teachers collaborate in a shared workspace, fostering innovation and iterative design.


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Built on 13 years of studio-based learning expertise, NuHub offers a wealth of resources for dynamic learning. It includes the NuVuX studio framework, studio curricula, and professional development resources, helping teachers and students navigate the creative process in multi-disciplinary projects.


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We offer expert support for successful studio program implementation, whether it's remote or on-site. Our NuVuX team assists with various types of support tailored to each

Process of NuVuX Integration

Working with Teachers

At NuVuX, we prioritize educators as the driving force behind transformative learning experiences. We recognize the invaluable role teachers play in shaping students' creative problem-solving skills. By collaborating directly with teachers, we not only integrate innovative design studio experiences seamlessly into classrooms, innovation courses, or makerspaces but also strive to inspire and reignite their passion for education. NuVuX is dedicated to putting teachers first, offering tailored professional development, specialized studio curricula, and unwavering remote support. Our commitment is to empower educators, fostering an environment where they can confidently guide students toward becoming positive change makers beyond traditional academic metrics.

“NuVuX was a life changing experience... it opened up my mind and made me think differently about what I should be focusing on in the classroom, which was helping students see differently.”

Ryan Walsh

94% of teachers believe that teaching a NuVuX Studio is a growth opportunity.

“It was an incredible experience and I would like to teach again.”“It has been like a blow of ‘fresh air’. We have grown and made a big step forward.”
“The experience with NuVuX means realizing that there is a different world to traditional pedagogy.”

100% of teachers reported wanting to teach another NuVuX Studio after teaching their second studio.